the I | the We, 2022
a production presentation of the medallion
at This Art Fair

When will I become a We? Can I be both at the same time? Which of the two am I now?

With her work, Cindy creates space for these questions both physically and mentally. And invites the Other(s) to be part of it. Welcome! An opening into the obvious to explore and experience the complexity of human relationships.

From July 6 through July 10, you are welcome at This Art Fair. There Cindy presents the I | the We: an interdisciplinary project in which the investigation of the intertwining of the two human positions takes shape. Through a locket with a sung chord, a series of sculptures, and a fictional dialogue, the human balancing act is jointly explored.

Sign up for one of the daily personal product presentations in the booth. Experience for yourself the magic of the collective voice wrapped in a personal wearable object. And hear more about the locket’s intertwining role within the overarching research of Cindy’s work.

Look at the video of the medallion HERE

See more images of the fair booth HERE