Cindy Moorman
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1102 BA Amsterdam NL

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Man is alone and he is related at the same time. – Erich Fromm – Man for Himself

Cindy Moorman makes structures visible - ranging from sculptural forms to social rituals. With drawings, performances, paintings, photography and interventions her oeuvre can be considered as much formalistic as socially rooted. Meaning and form are abstracted by Moorman; she makes existing social rituals her own, with a major focus on its physicality. Sanneke Huisman

Peter-Paul van der Houven (PP Producties) filmed and produced a beautiful short documentary about Cindy Moorman and her work. Watch the video at


Cindy Moorman’s performance I experienced in the artists’ initiative W139. A group of people standing in a circle around a large circular disk, a young man standing on that disk, a shield. Very calm, very slowly he was lifted. The disc inclined slightly to the right, because the length of the carriers was not quite exactly the same. Frozen in time, very slowly ,very easefully. It was a statuary, a sculpture. Hanne Hagenaars

We saw us turn into a small group of people, is the title of a poem ( and of a posy) by Tonnus Oosterhof. That sentence plays through my head when I think of the strange sensation that you undergo during the performance of Moorman. You see and hear how a group of people disconnect from you, groups itself in front of you, becomes unity. Then there dawns the realization that you - by their separation - change into a group of people, a rest group or a peel. That is how it goes. Grouping and being grouped , there is no escape. Sometimes you are banished, sometimes you are included. Rarely do you experience it so consciously during the performance of Cindy Moorman.  Richtje Reinsma

One of the images of Moorman that stayed with me the past year is an edited photo in which a group of people stand in a neat and tight circle. Moorman has beheaded them all ( a castration of individuality ) and a flat, blue disc rests on their shoulders which they have to  carry as a group. The gesture is as brutal as loving: those helpless bodies next to each other and together share a ‘head’ that at the same time is a platform on which they can lift someone up. Maaike Lauwaert 



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Cindy Moorman lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated from the School of the Arts in Arnhem (1999 - 2003) and then studied at the Master's program at the St. Joost in Breda (2003-2005). In 2006 she received a Starter Stipend from the FBKVB in 2014 a Development Stipend of the AFK and over the years various project grants. Moorman's work has - amongst others - been featured at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, W139 in Amsterdam, P/////AKT in Amsterdam, TENT in Rotterdam, the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem and the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. Her work is included in several private collections.